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WARNING: why so wordy? tl;dr

NOTE: Cloud's abilities are based on Dissidia 012 rather than the original game.

→ Unnatural strength due to Jenova and Mako (like a SOLDIER)
→ Capable of fighting against multiple enemies
→ Surviving against tough odds
→ Attacks are steady and hard-hitting
→ High level of endurance/stamina in battle
Dissidia: 'Limit Breaks' are merely strong techniques and hard to escape in a combo
    → HP Attacks: Cross-Slash, Meteorain, Braver
        → Strong, heavy, slow attacks that hit hard without mercy.
        → Although powerful, these moves leave him open if he misses/fails.
    → Brave Attacks: Climhazzard, Blade Beam
        → Weaker than HP Attacks, techniques usually used to daze the opponent.
        → These moves probably wouldn't kill anyone.
    → Brave to HP Attacks: Finishing Touch, Omnislash Ver. 5
        → Difficult maneuvers that tend to weaken the opponent with a flurry of light hits, then crushing them with a heavy hit.
        → Timing is the key for these moves, as someone could still dodge him.
Dissidia: Even 'Limit Break' moves can be dodged/guarded against
Dissidia: Ability to cast Fire/Fira/Firaga without use of Materia

Notes for the Psychics/Magically or Spiritually Sensitive:
He doesn't really have any psychic/magic/spiritual powers to detect, other than the little Fire he can do. Someone might be able to sense that he's got something weird (Jenova, Mako) running through his veins, though.

Can I shapeshift/bodyswap/spit at/step on/etc?:
Most of these things are all right with me, but keep in mind he'll likely retaliate. Bodyswapping, on the other hand, will probably have to be discussed beforehand. Just so I get an idea of what's going on.

My character can sense people's presence, can I sense yours?: Sure.

Can I read your character's mind?: Absolutely! It won't be difficult to get into his head, and it's easy to sense he's been mentally broken before. But be prepared for an angry reaction if he ever finds out. This is a sensitive subject for him.

Kissing/Hugging/Other Non-Violent Contact: Go ahead.

Please contact me first. If the thread is heading in that direction, I'm usually cool with going along with it. I'd love it if we could plan it out a little first, though.

Cooking: I've never understood if this question refers to a character's cooking skill or whether the character would taste good fried or grilled. BUT I'LL ASSUME THE FORMER. I don't think he's that great at cooking, honestly. The food he makes is probably kinda plain. Spices, what are spices?

Threadjacking: YES. Go for it.

Fourthwalling: Ehhhh, I'm okay with it to a degree. Hit me up and we can talk it over.


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