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WARNING: words words words AKA tl;dr

Cloud Strife
Dissidia 012: Final Fantasy

Age: 21
Height: 5'7" (173 cm)
Appearance: Cloud has short, unmistakably spiky, blond hair. Due to exposure to Mako, he also has glowing blue eyes. He's not very tall, but his lean, muscular build makes up for the lack of height. He generally looks young for his age, and his face is pretty enough to get him mistaken for a woman if he dresses up.

As a Warrior of Chaos, his clothes are different from the original game uniform he wore during the 13th cycle. He wears a black and grey, sleeveless uniform with white and blue accents on his gloves and shoulder guard. There's a string of beads hooked on his belt, and a really small, white pack on his back. Finally, he has a pair of white boots that look like he raided a shoe store and only managed to snag some snow boots. Here is the concept art of his clothes, and here is how it looks in-game.

Unfortunately, because it's ridiculously difficult to find images of him in his Chaos outfit, some of his icons depict him in the SOLDIER uniform from the original game. Pretend it's different. ಠ_ಠ

Cause of Death: Defeated by Chaos during the 12th cycle.

Final Fantasy VII (FF Wiki)
Dissidia/Duodecim (FF Wiki)
Synopsis of Official Quests (FF Wiki)
Extremely, Extremely Rough Translation of Official Quests (Dissidia Forums)

Dissidia 012
All of Cloud's history from Final Fantasy VII still applies to him. If it ever seems otherwise, you may beat me with a rolled up newspaper.

In Duodecim, Cloud was summoned by the God of Discord to become a chosen Warrior of Chaos. His job was to fight and defeat the warriors summoned by the goddess, Cosmos. Unlike others who were summoned (like Sephiroth) he retained all of the memories and experiences from his home world. In a land where dying could cause a rebirth that eliminated certain memories, Cloud treasured the fact that his remained intact. He fought for Chaos indifferently, surviving the cycles and growing disenchanted with the conflict. It wasn't until the 12th cycle when he began to act against the battles, challenging his allies and refusing to fight the enemy. It was because of Tifa, who was summoned by the goddess to fight during this cycle. Rebelling against the idea of having to fight her, he did his best to avoid participating in the cycle. Unfortunately, because of Sephiroth, he was forced to intervene and protect her against an attack.

She didn't remember him, but he refused to reveal his relation to her. Afraid she'd lose her will to fight if she knew him, he cautioned her to stay with her friends. Then, he bull-headedly trotted right up to Chaos and challenged the god to a fight. He had hoped to end the cycle and protect Tifa by destroying Chaos.

It didn't work out that way. Even though he tried his best, Cloud was overpowered and soundly defeated. Pleading to the Goddess of Harmony to keep Tifa safe, he began to fade away.

His personality in Duodecim deviates somewhat from the original game. He's a little more Advent Children-y here. He doesn't act cocky or self-assured like he did using Zack's personality. He doesn't move boldly, leading his group of friends into a final battle.

In the 12th cycle, he's more guarded and aloof. Cloud is either surrounded by villains trying to get the best of each other or hassled by the 'heroes' trying to win the cycle. He can't push away his own allies, but he isn't supposed to help the enemy. Therefore, he tries to keep everyone at a distance to hide his intentions. It's not like he's unused to working with the other warriors — he's on rather even grounds with Kuja and (reluctantly) teamed up with Golbez in Prologus — and yet, he's not exactly 'friends' with them, either. He doesn't trust his comrades.

His guarded demeanor and dismissive behavior might make him sort of 'mysterious' to others, but actually he's just really trying to hide what he's planning, guys. Really. Needless to say, most of the other Warriors of Chaos figured him out quick. He's not that great of a villain.

Underneath that calm exterior is a lot of turbulence. Cloud is always full of doubt about his participation in the cycles, as Chaos has mentioned. He fights and survives the battles, watching the enemy as they die and revive, but he doesn't feel good about it. When Tifa is thrown into the mix, he tries to run away from the problem by avoiding the fight. That doesn't make him feel any better, because someone else could kill her instead. Cloud goes back and forth with his uncertainty, trying to decide what's the best thing to do. He even tries to provoke Garland into killing him in the Official Quests, thinking that would be a suitable solution. (He's afraid she won't be able to fight in the war if she remembers him, hence thinking eliminating himself would be the answer. Go figure.) It isn't until Sephiroth attempts to kill Tifa when he finally jumps into action. Cloud earns his 'protagonist' badge back by saving her and deciding to end the cycle by himself.

This is the selfless part of him that he tried to hide — the side that really cares about the people he wants to protect. He isn't afraid of dying. He's willing to stand up against a god to save his childhood friend, although she doesn't remember him. Even while he was dying, all he could think about was keeping Tifa safe.

Cloud can be conflicted over what to do, but his desire to help his friends often overcomes his doubts.
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